scene graph

What is a scene graph in games?

The basic structure of a scene graph A scene graph uses a tree data structure. A tree like in real life has a root and branches that lead to lots of leaves. At each point you’ll find a node. These nodes represent different parts of what’s rendered. The root node is the main parent node
entity component system

Entity component system in games – Starter Guide

Introduction Entity Component System is a software architectural pattern. You may have heard that software architecture is important. Let me show you how simple this makes your game logic. Imagine building a house in a hurry, with no plan or blueprint. If you’re hungry like me, you’ll start with the kitchen and put the bathroom
itch io

Useful gamedev tools from

A great idea for a game strikes you like lightning. You start writing up how it will work but then you wonder how it will actually look or sound? You’re more programmer than digital artist you think to yourself. Luckily there are tools out there to keep you going.  Let’s get some ideas and tools

A fun way to learn programming languages

A fun way to learn programming is to start learning is with a simple project. You can learn new languages and have fun by building a simple game. With each language you’ll find similar patterns and appreciate how scripting languages simplify, while languages “closer to the metal” give us the power to create highly optimized