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Welcome to Tandem Coder. Hi, I’m Seiji and I love to help you learn. Tandem Coder was started to provide beginners clear and concise guides to understand software programming.

If you have ever wondered:

  • How do programs work?
  • How do I make a game?
  • Which programming tools should I use?
  • What are the best practices in software development?

Or if you have other questions, then Tandem Coder has what you need.

Roblox scripting

Curious how to get started with making games for Roblox? Keep your eye out for future updates that include starter guides and tips to create Roblox games.

Game development

These game development guides include concise lessons for game design and tools to help you on your game development journey.

Programming for beginners

These beginner guides focus on the essential skills and knowledge you’ll need.

Software development tools & tips

Advance your skills with these essential tools and tips that cover ways to improve your productivity and understanding.

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